Memory Wall

Memory_Wall_screen-1266708582– A Notable Book of 2010 in the New York Times.
– Top 10 Fiction and Literature at Amazon.
– Winner of 2010 The Story Prize.
– Winner of a 2011 Pacific Northwest Book Award.
– A Top 12 Book of 2010 at the Boston Globe.
– A San Francisco Chronicle Book of the Year.

Featuring four new short stories and two big novellas, Anthony’s second story collection takes place on four continents and addresses issues from Alzheimer’s in South Africa to infertility in Wyoming to fishing for endangered sturgeon in Lithuania. The title novella won the National Magazine Award for Fiction, the second story has been called “a masterpiece of observed detail and intuitive poetic sense, like DeLillo at his best,” the fourth story won an O. Henry Prize, and the fifth story won a 2011 Pushcart Prize. Can a short story collection take you to more places and introduce you to more people than a novel?

Strange and beautiful… Doerr writes about the big questions, the imponderables, the major metaphysical dreads, and he does it fearlessly. –New York Times Book Review

Signals his arrival as an important American voice. –Boston Globe

Crazy good. –The Oregonian

Doerr has set a new standard, I think, for what a story can do. -Dave Eggers

Doerr both lingers wonderfully over the details of individual lives and suggests the enormity of those billion things contained therein – mysterious, mournful and lovely as they are, and as we remember them. –San Francisco Chronicle

Doerr’s fantastic new stories build on the reputation he established in 2001 with “The Shell Collector. –The Plain Dealer

Doerr is a lusciously good stylist. –The Guardian

A small classic of contemporary literature. –National Post

Doerr’s voice has no limits. –The Millions

Doerr does an excellent job of balancing these intentions, creating work that is open-ended yet nuanced, avoiding false connections or epiphanies. –LA Times

Memory Wall, with its great narrative distances and the richness of its imagination, allows us a farther vision. –Orion

A brilliant exploration of the subject of memory and confirms his status as one of our most talented practitioners of the short form. –Shelf-Awareness

Doerr is daring, yes, and compassionate, but more than anything, the four stories and two novellas in this collection are imbued with, and fueled by, a deep, almost anachronistic-seeming respect for his twin muses: memory and the natural world. –The Rumpus

It only takes a few sentences into his fascinating new collection to understand why he’s so acclaimed. –New West

Masterful. –

A breathtaking book, not only for the range of stories it tells and the near-perfect writing, but for its ability to capture memories and how we spend our entire adult lives reliving them –The Atlantic’s Daily Dish

When I finished the last page of Anthony Doerr’s Memory Wall, I sat stunned and blinking, unable to leave the strange and vivid and utterly believable world he’d created. Read this book-it will change how you think about memory, time, love, and the way we record and try to keep the things we can’t live without. –Maile Meloy author of Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It

Everywhere in Tony Doerr’s work, there’s light and stone and unimaginable distance, while our hearts go on about their steady work. His subject is what we would hear on the most macrocosmic and intimate levels, if only we were to listen more closely. I love Memory Wall for the empathetic reach of its imagination, for the intelligence of its meditation on the consolations of memory, and especially for the tenderness and care with which it presents the ongoing miracle of humanity’s daily interaction with the world. These are beautiful and moving stories. –Jim Shepard, author of Like You’d Understand, Anyway


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