Interviews with Anthony

“I’d like to read Herodotus on Obamacare. Pliny on the Dorito.” Hear what Anthony has been reading in his “By the Book” for the New York Times.

“The novel is peopled with the voices of so many other characters: Etienne, Von Rumpel, Frau Elena, Dr. Hauptman… Did you just follow your instincts as to who got passed the talking stick, or did you have a master plan?” Read Anthony’s interview with Courtney Maum on the National Book Foundation site.

“We’re losing thousands of people for whom World War II is memory every day. In another decade, there will be nobody left — or very few people left — who can remember the war. And so history becomes something that becomes slightly more malleable.” Click to listen to All Things Considered’s interview with Anthony on NPR.

“There’s also Werner’s friendship with Frederick, which is really moving and heartbreaking. It seems like Frederick — who’s such a gentle, sensitive person — in some ways was a part of Werner’s conscience, now that his sister is not there to play that role anymore…” Read the Powell’ interview with Anthony about All the Light We Cannot See.

“Are you viewed as an optimist?” An interview with Anthony at Tweed’s.

“Your narrator wonders if memories are ‘ways of trying to defy erasure’. What do you mean by ‘erasure’?” Click here to read Granta’s interview with Anthony about Memory Wall.

“Is writing difficult for you? Is it hard work?” Click here to read an interview with Anthony at Numéro Cinq.

Watch an interview with Anthony about All the Light We Cannot See on Idaho Public Television.

“What other writers have surprised you or influenced your sense of what fiction can and should do?” Click here to read an interview with Anthony at Fiction Writers’ Review.