All the Light We Cannot See FAQ

Saint-Malo at low tide.

Saint-Malo at low tide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anthony’s most recent novel

When did it come out?

May 6, 2014 in the U.S, May 8 in the U.K., and at various times in over forty foreign languages. You can order it at your local bookshop, Amazon, B&N, Powell’s, Books-A-Million, Waterstones or anywhere else books are sold. The audiobook edition, read by Zach Appelman, is available from Amazon, B&N, Audible, iTunes, and S&S.

What’s it about?

Radio, propaganda, a cursed diamond, children in Nazi Germany, puzzles, snails, the Natural History Museum in Paris, courage, fear, bombs, the magical seaside town of Saint-Malo in France, and the ways in which people, against all odds, try to be kind to one another.

What does the title mean?

It’s a reference first and foremost to all the light we literally cannot see: that is, the wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum that are beyond the ability of human eyes to detect (radio waves, of course, being the most relevant). It’s also a metaphorical suggestion that there are countless invisible stories still buried within World War II — that stories of ordinary children, for example, are a kind of light we do not typically see. Ultimately, the title is intended as a suggestion that we spend too much time focused on only a small slice of the spectrum of possibility.

Can I read some of it for free?

You can read the first section of the novel at Scribd, or listen to an excerpt from the audiobook at Simon & Schuster Audio.

Learn more about the novel from this short video:

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  3. Enjoyed the book. While researching info about the story for my book club, I saw a few criticisms about “choppy” chapters & frequent time shifts. Before I read the reviews, I assumed that the style was mimicking radio broadcasts – some long, some short – that took place at great danger to the people of the resistance. Am I completely off base here?

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